Raystede Animal Sanctuary

Every year, Silverdale Primary Academy supports a charity chosen by the children. This year is no different and our youngsters have decided that they want to support Raystede Animal Sanctuary. Raystede is based in Ringmer, close to Lewes. The sanctuary was originally set up in 1952 by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins. In the early days, she set up an animal rescue centre in the back garden of her cottage. Today, Raystede cares for approximately 2,000 animals a year and over 1,000 animals per year are re-homed. The animals at Raystede include, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, donkeys, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters.

In order to raise money for Raystede, our Silverdale Council Representatives have been busy planning a variety of activities which they think our children will have fun taking part in. So far, we have had an animal themed mufti day and a bake sale. Our Newspaper Club Editors have also decided that they would like to donate some of the proceeds of the newspaper to the charity. So far, we have raised a grand total of £684.50 Forthcoming events include a toy sale in the summer and a raffle to “guess the name of the teddy.” We are also planning a special race for Raystede at our Sports Day.

We would like to say a big thank you to our children, parents and carers, staff and everyone in our school community who have supported us with our charity work. We are really making a difference to the lives of so many animals and their well-being is at the heart of everything we do!