Welcome to Reception!


Class Teacher - Mrs Leporte
TA - Donna


Class Teacher - Mrs Baker
TA - Sarah


Class Teacher - Mr Knight-Latter
TA - Carol

General information for all classes
Dance Takes place on Tuesdays (removing socks and shoes only).
PE Takes place on Wednesdays (Please remember no jewellery and everything named).
Swimming Term 4
Rabbits on Mondays, Hedgehogs on Fridays
Term 5
Squirrels on Mondays, Rabbits on Fridays
Term 6
Hedgehogs on Mondays, Squirrels on Fridays
Forest School During Term 5 and 6 Hedgehogs will be doing Foresr Schools.
Book bags Please check book bags regularly for school letters and children’s work. Books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday-as long as the reading record has been filled in to show the book has been read. Book bags should be brought into school everyday.
Home learning We aim to send activities home every Friday for children to do at home with you. The activities will directly link to the current learning. Please bring the Home Learning books back by Wednesday. Thank you.
Hope you have fun learning together.