Welcome to Reception!


Class Teacher - Ms K Matthews
TA - Carol


Class Teacher - Mrs C Baker
TA - Sarah


Class Teacher - Mrs R Dadgostar
TA - Donna

General information for all classes
Dance Takes place on Tuesdays (removing socks and shoes only).
PE Takes place on Mondays (Please remember no jewellery and everything named).
Swimming Term 4
Rabbits on Mondays, Hedgehogs on Fridays
Term 5
Rabbits on Mondays, Squirrels on Fridays
Term 6
Hedgehogs on Mondays, Squirrels on Fridays
Forest School During Term 5 and 6 Hedgehogs will be doing Foresr Schools.
Book bags Please check book bags regularly for school letters and children’s work. Books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday-as long as the reading record has been filled in to show the book has been read. Book bags should be brought into school everyday.
Home learning We aim to send activities home every Friday for children to do at home with you. The activities will directly link to the current learning. Please bring the Home Learning books back by Wednesday. Thank you.
Hope you have fun learning together.

Friday 27th March 2020 - Spring Topic

Friday, 27th March, 8:30 AM

This story may help support any questions about staying inside and hopefully reassure your child. You may want to share it with them? 

Happy Friday to you all. You have a choice of Cosmic Yoga for today...you can decide? Or do both? 

I would like to apologise that the version of 'Chocolate Cake' yesterday, it  wasn't the original one we listen to at school. It started normally when I checked it.  I am really sorry that this was not a good version of what is originally great rhyme. 

Now for some phonics. 

Can you recognise the digraphs and trigraphs in the list below?

Now  think of 1 or 2 more words using the digraph or trigraph?

Your challenge is to write them down.


ai      r ai n         

igh     n igh t        

oo      m oo n        

oo      b oo k        

ur      n ur se               

oa      g oa t         

or      n or th       

ar      c ar           

oi       s oi l          

ow     b ow          

er      rubb er      

air     ch air         

ear    n ear           

Well done. Don't forget to fit in your twenty minutes of Reading Eggs. 

If you can, go outside in your garden in the sunshine and investigate anymore signs of Spring. Maybe if you have any brushes you can paint with water or do some chalk drawings?

Exploring Money

Take a handful of coins from a pocket, piggy bank or purse, and place them in a pile on the table.

Now help your child to sort them into different sets. Here are some ways that you could sort them:

•  Are they gold, silver or brown/copper?

• Are they big or small?

• Are the edges crinkly or smooth, or do they have straight bits?

• What is their value?

To help your child extend this activity, look more closely at the values of the coins, and put them in order. Explain that you can buy more with coins of greater value.

 Now you could play a game of shops, add price tags so you can pay for more than one item.Maybe work out change. Or you could have snacks throughout the day, with price tags included, your child can be given a certain number of coins and need to pay for their snack? Maybe more healthy snacks can be less expensive to promote healthy eating? 

This activity will help your child to identify coins and compare their values.



Have a wonderful weekend. Keep safe and listen to your grown ups...

This story is for Hettie, George's (from Squirrels) beautiful dog! 

Thank you so much for all your hard work this week. We will look forward to some Easter based activities next week.