Welcome to Year One!


Mrs L O'Callaghan


Mr D Knight-Latter


Mrs A Richards & Mrs N Huntington

Year 1 - Friday 27th March 2020

Friday, 27th March, 8:30 AM

Good Morning Year 1! 

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed completing your home learning this week. You will find your home learning tasks for today below. We are very much enjoying receiving you home learning and hearing about what you have been up to. Remember to continue emailing us and sharing some of your fantastic work with us. Our home learning emails are: ladybirds@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk, dragonflies@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk and bumblebees@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk.

If you are happy for us to share your work on our blog or for Mr. Morris to share it on the main page, please do let us know. We will only display first names and class :-) 

Remember, you can always boost your learning by using your ReadingEggs , DoodleMaths and Spelling Shed logins too! We will be checking regularly and awarding smileys on ClassDojo to children that we see are completing Maths and Spelling tasks using these brilliant sites. 

The Body Coach has developed some great PE videos on his YouTube channel. Look at the Kids Workout number 1. 


Reading & Phonics
Read for at least ten to fifteen minutes twice a day - this could be one of the books from school, one from the local library or even a magazine you have at home. Make sure you write this in your home reading record too!

Read each of the following words, write each word and draw a picture to match them:

belt, toast, lamp, shelf, west, pond, lunchbox, sandwich, windmill

A Story you might like to share about social distancing
Time to Come in, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing. Written by Kim St. Lawrence and read by Ryan St. Lawrence. 


How good are you counting in 2's? Find your treasures and toys around your home i.e. Lego bricks, cars, pens or figures. How many do you have? Find out by counting in 2's. 
What will you do if you are counting and there is only one more? What will you do? How will you find the total? 


Let's compare the temperature in Hastings to the temperature in Africa. Can you record the temperature in Hastings, England and Nairobi, Africa for each day this week? You can use the BBC Weather website to help you. 

Practice reciting and writing out the letters of the alphabet in lower care and in capital letters. Make sure that your letters are formed correctly and facing the right direction! Can you think of an animal for each letter? Write it down and draw a picture for each one.

We hope you have a safe and happy weekend Year 1!