Welcome to Year Three!

Silver Birch

Miss M Ball


Mr A Mersh


Miss A Jolley

Year 3 - Monday 6th July 2020

Monday, 6th July, 8:00 AM

Good morning Year 3!

Each week we will update you on which class is in the lead (out of Year 3) for Spelling Shed and Doodle Maths:

Congratulations to Willow class who are in the lead on Spelling Shed! 

Come on Silver birch and Oak, let’s try catch up with them!

Congratulations to Silver birch who are in the lead on Doodle Maths! 

Silver birch have 1508 stars, Willow have 879 stars and Oak have 640 stars.

Virtual Sussex School Games: 

This week's sport is golf.  Log your top scores by midday (12pm) on Friday. Good Luck! 


Each week there will be a new blog outlining nine different activities that we would like you do whilst at home. This work will be linked to a particular picture text and a copy of the book will be attached to the blog for your access. We would like you to continue emailing pieces of work to your class teacher. As staff will be in the Academy teaching, we plan to respond to emails on Wednesday of each week.

During the week, we would like you complete the following activities each day:

1. Doodlemaths/tables

2. Spelling Shed

3. Read for 20 minutes


This week’s text is ‘The True Story of The Three Little Pigs’ by Jon Scieszka. You can read the book via the attachment below and or listen to the book being read aloud here:



Here are some activities:

·        Making connections - What other books, stories or films can you connect this story with? Make a list and explain how they link.

·        Summarise - Retell the story in 5 sentences. Remember to include the main points.

·        Evaluate: What do you like/dislike about the story? Why? Has the author used any good vocabulary/phrases?

Write another fairy tale from the perspective of one of the other characters. Here are some examples, but you can choose any that you want:

The troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff - they were trespassing on his bridge!

Cinderella’s stepsisters – they were fine until she came along!

The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the queen in Snow White, Captain Hook …

Write a newspaper report about the moment A. Wolf was arrested.

Who saw him huffing and puffing? What did the witnesses say?

Try to include these:

·        Headline

·         Pictures and caption

·        Who What Where When in the first sentence (orientation).

·        Quotes, using speech marks

·        Tell us what is going to happen to A. Wolf at the end of the report (re-orientation).

D&T and maths

Write the recipe that the wolf used for his granny's birthday cake. It can be any cake that you think she would have liked.

Now write the recipe for 4 cakes or a cake half the size. Remember to scale all the ingredients down or up by multiplying or dividing by the same amount.

Draw a picture of the cake.

Mixed up Fairy tales.

Write a fairy tale with a twist or a mixed up fairy tale. Here are some ideas:  

Goldilocks and the three little billy goats,  Snow White and the 7 ugly sisters, the princess and the beanstalk, the chocolate chip cookie man etc


The wolf gets very angry at the end of the story. What strategies could he have used to control his anger?

What advice would you give to him? Write a note with some ideas of what to do should this type of thing happen again.

Draw a portrait of the wolf.

Shade his face and body using different tones of the pencil.


Alternatively, choose one of the scenes and illustrate it in your own style.



·        Do you agree with the wolf when he says that the pigs used poor building materials? 

·        If you were going to build a house for the pigs, what material would you choose?

Design a house for the pigs – tell us what materials you would use and what would be the best shape and features.


Make a cake using your cake recipe that you invented for D&T or one that you are familiar with. Host a party with your household and re-enact parts from the story or recreate additional/alternative scenes.