Welcome to Year Three!

Silver Birch

Miss M Ball


Mr A Mersh


Miss A Jolley

Year 3- Friday 27th March 2020

Friday, 27th March, 8:40 AM

Good morning Year 3! On this page you'll find our suggested home learning tasks for today. Remember, we'd love you to share some of your fantastic work with us - if you want to drop us an email to share then our home learning email address contacts are: silverbirch@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk , oak@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk  & willow@silverdaleprimaryacademy.org.uk .  

Remember, you can always boost your learning by using your   Doodle Maths   and     Spelling Shed  logins too! Some children have additional access to   Reading Eggs  (these children know who they are). We will be checking regularly and awarding smileys on ClassDojo to children that we see are completing Maths and Spelling tasks using these brilliant sites.  



To finish off our character work, we would like you to create your own character! Ideally, this must be a character you would likely find in your book.

Draw a picture of your character and label them with adjectives and phrases. Consider how the existing characters meet this new character. How do they help the story or situation? Do they bring trouble into the story or mystery? Make sure they have a purpose!


Today, we would like you to have a go at writing some Haiku poetry. Take a look at the video to learn what a Haiku is and how to write one!

Spring has finally sprung, the flowers are starting to bloom, it's a little warmer and the sun has started shining. Yippee!... Let's use Spring as the theme for your poems today.

TOP TIP - a really easy way to count syllables is to clap them whilst you say the words. Try doing this with your name or objects you can see around you before getting started.

Here's an example to help you:

5 - The lambs are leaping

7 - The daffodils are blooming

5- Finally it's Spring!


Today, we would like you to compare lengths.  Don’t forget 100 cm is equivalent to 1 m! J It’s important you know this, as it will help you to complete the challenge. Attached is a sheet for you to complete, this can be printed or just copied from the screen.


Today, we’re looking at how we can stay safe at home. With help from an adult, identify and categorise items/objects around your house that you think can be used safely and those that require adult supervision. Why is this? How could they be harmful? Do some things have specific symbols on them? Are they bright and bold? What do they mean? Draw the symbols and explain what they mean.