Welcome to Year Three!

Silver Birch

Miss M Ball


Mr A Mersh


Miss A Jolley


Monday, 9th December, 2:21 PM

Last week, Year 3 enjoyed taking part in a science day where they were able to carry out different experiments based around the subject of magnetism. During a different activity, the children also learned how to use a thermometer by finding out which container would keep Nikolas’ (from, A Boy Called Christmas) mushroom soup the warmest for the longest period. In groups, the children created a fair test to record the temperatures. This week in English, we will conclude our letter writing unit by writing a formal letter to Father Christmas. We are assured by our classroom elves that the letters will make it to the big man just in time for the big day! The children have been working hard on the written method for addition, this week, we will be moving onto subtraction. Next week, we will be venturing to St Mathew’s Church to take part in our annual carol concert, we hope to see you there!