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Time to dance (5)

Friday, 27th March, 8:00 AM

It's Fridaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

Have a great dance!!!

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu

Time to dance (4)

Thursday, 26th March, 8:00 AM

The fourth day, you still dancin'?  I'm still dancin'!

Have a great day

Yours in eternal happiness 

Time to dance (3)

Wednesday, 25th March, 8:00 AM

Another day, and another chance to dance those cobwebs away,  lets all get ready to shake it!! 

Have a great day

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

Time to dance (2)

Tuesday, 24th March, 8:00 AM

It's that time again to grab your dancing shoes (slippers)

Enjoy everyone

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

Time to dance (1)

Monday, 23rd March, 10:47 AM

Start the day with DJ Sensei Wu.

It's that time to grab you partner or on your own - it's time to dance

Here is today's song to get you moving:

Come back tomorrow to dance with us and keep on smiling,

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

Another 5000+ week.......

Monday, 9th March, 11:24 AM

Over the past week, we gave out over 5000 smileys!  Big shout out to the classes who have the highest smiley totals this week:
KS1 hall: Oak - 2 weeks in a row!
KS2 hall: Rowling

The official weekly smiley house winners this week are...
Courageous! Well done to all those Courageous ninjas

Courageous also narrowly retained their overall lead!  Scores currently stand at; Ambitious 15632; Determined 15572; Dynamic 15782; Inspirational 15423; Resilient 15912; and our leaders Courageous on 16236.

Attendance for last week saw Kingfishers once again our KS1 winners with 98%, and with 99% our KS2 winners were Morpurgo.  Whole school attendance took a little knock with 94.5%.  As of today (Monday 9.3.2020) we are awarding all children a smiley just for being in school, with double smileys on a Monday and Friday.  This will mean that children can automatically receive 7 smileys every week just by being in school ready to learn!

This weeks winners:
Principal Award Winners:

Dynamic Presentation:

Star Writers:

Keep it up everyone!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

Another amazing week......

Monday, 2nd March, 11:48 AM

Another amazing week saw over 4000 smileys distributed throughout Silverdale.

Our Principal Award Winners:

Dynamic Presentation:

and Star Writers:

Were all celebrated this morning in our Reward Assemblies!!

Who will it be next week, could it be you?!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

Spring is on its way - honest!

Monday, 24th February, 10:02 AM

Honestly, Spring is on it's way - although looking out of the dojo window this morning you wouldn't believe me!

Half way through the year and we on track to equal last years smiley total, 85569 smileys have been awarded so far this academic year.

First certificates of the term handed out this morning;

Principal Award Winners:
Star Writers:
Dynamic Presentation:
Well done to them all!
Keep it up everyone,
Yours in eternal happiness
Sensei Wu 

Amazing again!

Tuesday, 4th February, 10:01 AM
Over the past week, we gave out nearly 5000 smileys!

The official weekly smiley house winners this week are...

Determined! Well done to all those Determined ninjas
Courageous have narrowly retained their overall lead! 

Scores currently stand at Ambitious 13302; Courageous 13670; Determined 13383; Dynamic 13424; Inspirational 13100 and Resilient 13644

Our focus ninja for next week is Inspirational.
This weeks certificates were awarded to:
Principal Awards:
Dynamic Presentation:
Star Writers:

Keep it up everyone

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

First of the new decade

Monday, 13th January, 10:04 AM

Welcome back, Happy New Year and welcome to the new decade.  

We had our first celebration assembly of the year this morning, here are the first winners of the 20s!!

Principal Award:  

Dynamic Presentation:

Star Writers:

Well done to all our winners - all superstars starting the decade on a positive note!!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

The final awards of 2019

Monday, 9th December, 11:38 AM

This morning we had the final Reward Assembly of 2019 - where has the time gone this year, it feels like yesterday that it was January 1st!

Here are the amazing winners:

Principal Award:

Star writers;

Dynamic Presentation;

Congratulations to them all.
And in case we don't see you before the end of term, have a great Christmas and New Year

Yours in eternal happiness,

Sensei Wu and the Ninja team 

Stay on target........

Monday, 2nd December, 10:48 AM

Another week to celebrate the amazing children and their hard work and endeavours!

Here are this weeks Principal Award Winners:

Closely followed by this weeks Star Writers and Dynamic Presentation Winners:


Amazing work!!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

I apologise - its been a while

Monday, 25th November, 10:30 AM

Its been a little hectic recently so I do apologise for not posting for the past few weeks!

Here are our Principal Award winners

Followed by our Dynamic Presentation and Star Writer award winners
The weekly totals for smileys currently stand at:
Ambitious 7674
Courageous 7951
Determined 7632
Dynamic 7811
Inspirational 7524
Resilient 7771

Ambitious were the highest scorers last week - closing that gap to the early leaders Courageous!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

Science week heroes

Monday, 21st October, 1:26 PM

As Science week begins we are proud to celebrate our Principal Award, Star Writer and Dynamic Presentation winners:




Scores at the end of the week stand at:


Yours in eternal happiness

5000+ week

Monday, 14th October, 1:25 PM

What a week we had last week with over 5000 smileys handed out across the academy

Current scores stand at;

Ambitious 4154;
Courageous 4295;
Determined 4074;
Dynamic 4242;
Inspirational 4072;
Resilient 4060.

We also celebrated our many award winners this week.

Principal Award winners:

Dynamic Presentation:

Star Writers:

And finally this week our Most Improved Badminton Stars!

Great effort everyone!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

After a week off we're back....

Monday, 7th October, 10:11 AM

Another great week, over the past week, we gave out over 3500 smileys!
The official weekly smiley house winners this week are Courageous! Well done to all those Courageous ninjas
Courageous are also in the overall lead
Ambitious - 3282
Courageous - 3385
Determined -3199
Dynamic - 3322
Inspirational - 3232
Resilient - 3189

Our focus ninja for next week is Ambitious. Stickers will be coming round Monday morning.

Here are our winners of the past week;
Principal Award Winners:
Star Writers:
Dynamic Presentation:
We also celebrated our Cross Country team's success from last week:

Well done everyone, keep up the work to becoming the Ultimate

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

First week back and they're already at the races.......

Monday, 9th September, 4:27 PM

First week back and these children have truly hit the ground running!

First our Principal Award winners;
Our Dynamic Presentation Winners;
And finally our Star Writers:
What superstars they all are!

On top of this nearly 3000 smileys were handed out this week!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu

The penultimate total

Friday, 12th July, 2:10 PM

As this morning we waved goodbye to our Year 6's as they headed off to PGL we unfortunately didn't have our weekly celebration assembly.

However going into the final week of the year the scores currently stand at:

Ambitious - 29543
Courageous - 31065
Determined - 30160
Dynamic - 30572
Inspirational - 29648
Resilient - 29844 

 Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu  

Here comes the sun......

Friday, 28th June, 10:59 AM

As the sun is coming out and summer truly feels like it is arriving we again celebrated our amazing trainee ninjas.

Winners of the Principal Award;


Dynamic Presentation winners:

Star Writers:

We also celebrated our sporting successes with our Hockey Team, this week they competed in the Sussex Games, finishing fourth and qualifying for the County Games against Surrey and Kent in July!

House scores currently stand at  Ambitious - 25794; Courageous - 27066; Determined - 26322; Dynamic - 27008; Inspirational - 25987; Resilient - 26400.

COURAGEOUS take the lead, whilst DYNAMIC were the weeks highest scorers! 

With three weeks to go until the end of the  academic year everything is still to play for!

Have a great weekend everyone, remember your sun screen, hat and water!

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu  


End of another amazing term.....

Friday, 24th May, 2:09 PM

As another term draws to an end we celebrated yet another amazing week here at Silverdale, and specifically some amazing children

Our Principal Award Winners:

Our Star Writers:

And our Dynamic Presentation winners:

A special mention to double winners Erin and Jessie!

We also had our Business Ambassadors who have been amazing this year out within different industries and finding out how they work from day-to-day.

Ninja scores currently stand at:
Ambitious - 22215
Courageous - 23415
Determined - 22670
Dynamic - 23132
Inspirational - 22552
Resilience - 22841

 The Courageous Ninja's team remain in the lead going into Term 6

Just leaves me to wish you all a happy half term, have great time whatever you get up to and we will see you all for the first ever ULTIMATE WEEK!

Your in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu


Wow..... just wow!!

Friday, 17th May, 10:48 AM

Yet another outstanding week, nearly 5000 smileys this week, works out at around 8 smileys per child!

The scores on the doors stand at

Ambitious - 21597
Courageous - 22805
Determined - 22041
Dynamic - 22504
Inspirational - 21919
Resilient - 22278 

Courageous remain in the lead, but this weeks highest scorers were the Dynamic Ninja

Don't forget our award winners as well;



And of course our STAR WRITERS:

What an amazing week, our Year 6s have completed their SATs and done us proud in their attitude and approach - well done guys and gals!

Have a great weekend, half term is nearly upon us!

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  

Record breaking week!!

Friday, 3rd May, 1:48 PM

Over 9000, yes that's right 9000 smiles have been handed out this week - Truly Remarkable!

Overall scores as follows:

Ambitious - 19301
Courageous - 20603 
Determined - 19787
Dynamic - 20241
Inspirational - 19764 
Resilient - 20046

Meaning we have yet another new leader, as the Courageous Ninja takes the lead.

We of course celebrate our weekly award winners as well:

Principal Award

The Star Writers:

Dynamic Presentation:

And finally this week a group of our children took part in a Golf Tournament in Cooden Beach:
Well done to all our award winners.

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone and enjoy Jack In The Green if you are heading down;

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu      

What a return.........

Friday, 26th April, 2:50 PM

Following the Easter break, only 4 days in the week and only one word WOW!!

Over 4000 smileys have been handed out in 4 days which is truly amazing, this averages out at around 6 smileys per child!!

Scores on the doors are as follows;
Ambitious - 18448
Courageous - 18496
Determined - 17817
Dynamic - 18156
Inspirational - 17803
Resilient - 18133

Meaning we have a new leader with the Ambitious Ninja taking the lead.

We once gain celebrated our award winners today;
Principal Award Winners:

Our Star Writers:


And our Dynamic Presentation winners:


What unbelievable brilliance from the amazing children at Silverdale Primary Academy!

To make it the perfect start to term we just nee Burnley to beat Man City over the weekend, and of course Liverpool to thrash Huddersfield tonight!

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu     

What a week of celebration...

Friday, 5th April, 10:14 AM

An unbelievable week of celebration in Friday's assembly.  Alongside the usual awards we have had guitar and hockey successes to celebrate as well.

This weeks highest scoring Ninja house was the Inspirational Ninja.

However overall scores currently stand as;
Ambitious - 18819
Courageous -19789
Determined - 19201
Dynamic - 19860
Inspirational - 19120
Resilient - 19443

This weeks Principal Award winners are:

Star Writer:

Dynamic Presentation Winners:

Our Guitar virtuosos:

And last, but by no means least our Hockey stars (The A team played 9, won 9 yesterday meaning that they have qualified for the Sussex Games Finals in Crawley later this year!)

Have an amazing Easter  everyone


Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu 


Another 4000+ week....

Friday, 8th March, 10:54 AM

Another week of amazing work and behaviour from the children at Silverdale Primary Academy.

Another 4000+ smileys were handed out, and of course our amazing Principal Award Winners;


We also celebrated our Dynamic Presentation Award winners;


And of course our Star Writers;

(Lovely cameo appearance from Mr Diss!)

The current House scores stand at Ambitious - 15757; Courageous - 16708; Determined - 16205; Dynamic - 16675; Inspirational 16024; and Resilient 16424.

Keep it up everyone!!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  



Another great week......

Friday, 1st March, 11:29 AM

Yet another amazing week here at Silverdale Primary Academy.  Over 5000 smileys handed out for amazing work, behaviour and attitude - these children never cease to amaze us!

Score on the doors currently stand at:

Ambitious - 15034
Courageous - 15790
Determined - 15533
Dynamic - 15929
Inspirational - 15343
Resilient - 15799

Meaning that the Dynamic team have retained their lead at the top!

We have also celebrated our award winners this week;
Principal Award Winners:

Star Writers:

Dynamic Presentation:

Well done all of you, we are so proud of your efforts!! 

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu  

Scores on the doors at the end of term 3!

Friday, 15th February, 11:44 AM

As we draw to the end of Term 3, Christmas but a distant memory, we have calculated that over 30,000 smileys have been handed out in 2019 alone!

The scores on the doors are as follows

Ambitious - 14378
Courageous - 14903
Determined 14612
Inspirational - 14369
Resilient - 15033

Which means we have a new leader; Dynamic 15078!

We also celebrated our Principal Award, Presentation Award and Star Writer winner;





Amazing, each and every one of them!!

Have a great half term everyone

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu 


Awards, awards, awards!!!!!!!

Friday, 1st February, 10:10 AM

 This week we have introduced a new award, The Dynamic Presentation Award.  This is presented to children who have shown a concerted in their presentation in all lessons throughout the week - no small task!


Of course we have also celebrated our Star Writer; 


And last, but by no means least the Principal Award winners;


Everyone of these children is a STAR!!

In the battle for the lead Ninja house the scores stand as follows, with a new leader;

Ambitious        13124
Courageous     13661
Determined      13354
Dynamic           13795
Inspirational    13165
Resilient           13829

Keep up the amazing work everyone!

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu     



First Ninjas of 2019

Friday, 11th January, 11:24 AM

Welcome back.  Today we celebrated our first Principal Award and Star Writer winners of 2019.

This week we have had a real focus on presentation of work, across all subjects, and the children below have shown real determination to improve and maintain this in all lessons 


Today also saw the reopening of the Smiley Shop.  The children have been browsing the shop and spending their smiley's on a range of goodies! (Thank you to the PTA for their support in this - pictured are just a handful of the items available.)


Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  

New leader.......just!

Monday, 10th December, 12:33 PM

Results for the penultimate full week of term see the Courageous Ninja take a 5 smiley lead!!

Ambitious - 9329
Courageous - 9960
Determined - 9336
Dynamic - 9691
Inspirational - 9297
Resilient - 9955

Our Principal Award winners this week are:


And of course our star writers:

Well done everyone, as amazing as always!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  


Inspirational..... no diggity

Friday, 30th November, 2:36 PM

Once again our trainees have been amazing, another +6000 week.

Scores currently stand at Ambitious 8787; Courageous 9340; Determined 8751; Dynamic 9092; Inspirational 8730; Resilient 9357.

The Resilient Ninja's team remain in the lead - just!


Unfortunately we didn't have an assembly today as we prepare for our Christmas Fair tomorrow - double certificates next week!

We hope to see you all tomorrow, Santa's grotto is just being finalised for the big man!

Yours in eternal happiness 

 Sensei Wu 

Full of energy, I present the Dynamic Ninjas

Friday, 23rd November, 3:15 PM

Another stunning week with close to 4000 smileys handed out.  This week we celebrated our dynamic young trainee ninjas; and this week they once again excelled in English, Math, Drama, Science and presenting their learning to their parents.

Put your hands together for the Dynamic winners;


And lets not forget the Star Writers;


Everyone of them makes us proud!!

 Ninja scores now read as follows Ambitious - 7864; Courageous - 8245; Determined - 7806; Dynamic - 8082; Inspirational - 7787; Resilient - 8260.

Only 15 smileys between first and second place, and the lead has now yo-yo'd back to the Resilient Ninja.

Our focus next week is the Inspirational Ninja


Have a great weekend everyone

Yours in  eternal happiness


Sensei Wu  

The Ultimate Swimming Ninja

Tuesday, 20th November, 11:28 AM

At Silverdale we feel that swimming is an essential life skills, growing up in a coastal town, swimming in the sea in the hot summers, children need to be safe and confident in the water.

Over the weekend one of our pupils was rewarded at the "Southern water learn to swim achievement awards".  Kian was nominated by Sean’s swim school and was presented his award by Duncan Goodhew (1980 Olympic gold medal winner) and Mike Goody (Invictus games gold medal winner).  We are incredibly proud of Kian and his achievements - amazing work!! 

Here he is pictured with Duncan and Mike as well as his award;


Amazing swimming Kian, keep it up,


Yours in eternal happiness  

Sensei Wu   


Another +6000 dojo points awarded!!

Friday, 16th November, 3:44 PM

This week our trainee ninjas have shown determination during all aspects of the curriculum, completing new maths problems and persevering with their writing!

Yet again nearly 6000 smileys have been awarded this week, only one word describes this:  SUPERB!

Ninja scores now read as follows Ambitious - 7290; Courageous - 7633; Determined - 7276; Dynamic - 7450; Inspirational - 7097; Resilient - 7565.

The Courageous ninja is back in the lead!!

Well done to our Principal Award winners; 


And of course our Star Writers; 

Fantastic effort from everyone!

Additionally we celebrated some great sporting prowess with Lilly Porter winning the most improved player from the Badminton club.


Well done everyone.

Next week our focus shifts to the Dynamic ninja.

Have a great weekend


Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu 


Courage shown by all our trainees

Friday, 9th November, 3:44 PM

Our trainee ninjas showed a great deal of courage, and I think this week we handed out our first Ninja certificate for Dance!!

I for one love a dance around the dojo kitchen, but I don't always have the courage to show off my pasodoble in public!!

Scores on the doors this week, after handing out nearly 5000 smileys, are Ambitious 6420; Courageous 6565; Determined 6277; Dynamic 6472; Inspirational 6284; Resilient 6580.

We have a new leader, the Resilient Ninja! 

Here are our amazing award winners;


And let's not forget our Star Writers!


Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  




First week of the new term...

Monday, 5th November, 3:20 PM

 The first week back after half term saw another +7000 smileys handed out to our wonderful pupils

A week of being Ambitious ninjas sees the Courageous team remaining in the lead;
Ambitious 5585;
Courageous 5781;
Determined 5593;
Dynamic 5674;
Inspirational 5478;
Resilient 5727.

Our Principal Award winners once again showed their skills through the entire curriculum - UNBELIEVABLE!!


And lets not forget the amazing Star Writers!


Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu   


Inspirational Ninjas.......

Friday, 12th October, 4:47 PM

A week of being inspirational ninjas sees a new ninja in the lead! Well done to the Courageous team for over turning Resilience's early lead;
Ambitious 4269;
Courageous 4300;
Determined 4124;
Dynamic 4281;
Inspirational 4163;
Resilient 4294.

Our Principal Award winners showed inspiration in Maths, Writing,  Phonics, Helping each other and a range of different activities - OUTSTANDING!!


And lets not forget the amazing Star Writers!


Have an amazing time if you are going to the Hastings Bonfire Parade this weekend, be safe and wrap up warm!!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu   

Dynamic Ninjas........

Friday, 5th October, 3:45 PM

"A child has a special way of adding joy to every day"

Walking around the academy this week it has been clear that the children have ben enjoying their lessons and making dynamic choices in their learning!

Another 5000+ smileys have been awarded this week, only one word describes this:  SUPERB!

Ninja scores now read as follows Ambitious 3536; Courageous 3577; Determined 3462; Dynamic 3606; Inspirational 3454; and keeping up the early momentum Resilient 3676!


Along side our amazing Dynamic Ninja Award winners we also celebrated our Star Writers!


A number of our children also took part in the HARSSP Cross Country Race at SLA - they were super speedy!

This week a number of children also completed in the HARSSP Cross Country Race at SLA.  They were super speedy!!


Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the October sun!

Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu  


Determined Ninjas

Friday, 28th September, 4:47 PM

"The difference between the impossible and possible lies in a person's determination"

This week our trainee ninjas have shown determination during all aspects of the curriculum, from being determined to keep their handwriting neat and on lines to ensuring that a tricky maths problem didn't get the best of them!!

Yet again over 5000 smileys have been awarded this week, only one word describes this:  FANTASTIC!

Ninja scores now read as follows Ambitious - 2704; Courageous - 2728; Determined - 2673; Dynamic - 2713; Inspirational - 2601; and maintaining their early lead Resilient - 2792.


We also celebrated our amazing Star Writers:


Another amazing week when our trainee ninjas continue to make us all so proud!

Have a lovely weekend , and enjoy this rare moment of sunshine!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  


Courageous Ninjas............

Friday, 21st September, 3:57 PM

"Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared."

Although our young trainee ninjas have not been scared this week, they have certainly shown courage when attempting something new!

Another 5000 smileys have been awarded this week, only one word describes this:  AMAZING!

Ninja scores now read as follows Ambitious - 1942; Courageous - 1943; Determined - 1933; Dynamic - 1923; Inspirational - 1817; and into an early lead Resilient - 2005.


We also have our Star Writers and Magical Mathematicians;


 Have a fantastic weekend everyone

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 


First awards of the year!

Friday, 14th September, 3:11 PM

"Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in" 

Some of our children are already well on the way with this journey; Ambitious Ninja stickers have been awarded throughout the week and today we handed out our first batch of Principal Award Certificates.

Well done everyone!

 We also celebrated two Star Writers  this week who are making great strides in their writing and showing true ambition to be the very best they can be!


Current Ninja House scores are as follows;

Ambitious - 1026; Courageous - 1036; Determined - 982; Dynamic - 942; Inspirational - 941; Resilient 1008. 

Next week we are looking at children showing courage in all that they do, if they are faced with a challenge they don't hide and they try their hardest.

Have a great weekend everyone

Yours in eternal happiness ,

Sensei Wu  


Can they be caught?!

Friday, 29th June, 10:07 AM

Are you feeling inspired by the England World Cup run, or were you one of the (un)lucky ones who had a power cut 10 minutes into last nights game against Belgium?

 Clearly our Inspirational Ninja team are feeling inspired by something as they have now lead the smiley chart for the past three weeks!

Current scores are:

Ambitious 27406; Courageous 27352; Determined 27892; Dynamic 27116; Inspirational 28092 and Resilient 27607.

Our Principal award winners this week;


And our Star Writers;


It's hard to belief there are only three weeks of the Academic year left - where did the time go?!

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  

It's getting close at the top...

Tuesday, 19th June, 8:54 AM

Another great week of Ninja points, Inspirational have maintained their lead for the w/ending 15.6.18, but there are only 930 smileys from first to sixth place - so all to play for in the last few weeks of term!
Ambitious 21684
Courageous 21148
Determined 21471
Dynamic 20940 
Inspirational 21870
Resilient 21381 

Unfortunately I had to send my camera to the Ninja Camera Repair Shop this week so no photos of our amazing Principal Award Winners or Star Writers.

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu 


Beat the street

Tuesday, 5th June, 8:45 AM

Its the time of the year again when we are all trying to Beat The Street!


Maps, fobs and letters should be coming out today; who can visit all the stops on the map?

The challenge is on!

Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu     

Story Sacks

Friday, 25th May, 10:32 AM

An exciting opportunity has arisen for our EYFS and Year 1 parents (although anyone is welcome)


Yours in eternal happiness 

Sensei Wu  

What a week!

Friday, 25th May, 10:15 AM

What an unbelievable week, with the goings on at sports day over 30,000 smileys have been awarded over the past 5 days - amazing!

The Inspirational Ninja continues to dominate the top of the league table;
Inspirational        20309
Resilient              19949
Determined         19934
Courageous        19723
Ambitious           19716    
Dynamic              19587 

With all these smileys it has been incredibly difficult for our teachers to choose the Principal Award winners, but they have managed to pull out the crème de la crème;

KS1                                                                                                            KS2


We also have our amazing  Star Writers


The children have all been amazing this half term; working and learning like Champions of Europe - now if Liverpool can win the Champions League it will truly put a smile on my face!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

KS1                                                                                                                            KS2


Close at the top!!

Friday, 18th May, 10:17 AM

What a week - nearly 7000 smileys have been handed out to our amazing trainee happiness ninjas and Ambitious clearly took their it personally as they have redoubled their efforts and sneaked back into the lead, although only by one point!

Totals are now as followed;
Ambitious - 14912
Courageous - 14698
Determined - 14689
Dynamic - 14614
Inspirational - 14911
Resilient - 14769

With Monday's sports day points contributing to the totals next week there really is all to play for! 
This week the focus was once again on the Resilient Ninja and once again our award winners showed great strength in their resilience                                
Principal Award Winners:                                                                                                 Star Writers:
Yours in eternal happiness
 Sensei Wu


Inspirational Ninja's lead the way........

Friday, 11th May, 10:06 AM

A week on and we have a new leader in our Happiness Ninja totals.  

In first place we now have the Inspirational Ninjas with 13881, second place are Resilient Ninjas with 13853.  Further totals are as follows Ambitious 13742; Courageous 13738; Determined 13778; and  Dynamic 13716;

The children have shown great resilience this week and once again we are proud to show off our Principal Award winners;

KS1                                                                                                                       KS2 


We are also incredibly proud of our Star Writers;


Congratulations to all our award winners - you should feel incredibly proud of yourselves.

This coming week we are continuing to focus on the Resilient Ninja.

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu   

Ultimate ninja.........

Tuesday, 8th May, 4:39 PM


We have countless fabulous student here at Silverdale Primary Academy.  They never cease to amaze us with their selfless acts. 

Our latest Ultimate ninja is Maisie in Silver Birch class.  Over the weekend Maisie has had her head shaved in order to raise money for the Little Princess Trust and in doing so has raised over £800. 

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24 that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.


You can still help Maisie raise money for this great cause by donating directly to her fundraising page;

Just Giving sends your donation straight to Little Princess Trust and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.  Thank you for your support!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 


Friday, 4th May, 11:20 AM

The children have once again been outstanding as they strive to become the Ultimate Happiness Ninja.  This weeks focus on the Dynamic Ninja has once again brought about a number of amazing Principal Award winners!


Current Smiley totals are currently standing at; Ambitious 12384; Courageous 11738; Determined 11778; Dynamic 11716; Inspirational11881; Resilient 11853.

We once again also celebrated our amazing Star Writers;


This week we  are moving on to the Ninja skill of Resilience. 


Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu


Fairwell to the Ultimate Ninja!

Friday, 4th May, 11:08 AM


Today we were joined in assembly by Mr Maclean.  After a long time initially supporting Dudley Primary Academy Mr Maclean is now the Substantive Principal.  We wish him all the best and good luck with his new venture.  The children made mazing cards and had the opportunity to thank him for all his hard work whilst at Silverdale.  He joined 13 years ago as a parent helper before training to be teacher - the rest, as they say, is history!

Yours in eternal happiness


 Sensei Wu  


Song writers of Silverdale unite......

Tuesday, 1st May, 1:26 PM

Calling all ambitious, inspirational, dynamic and courageous Ninjas.  The Hastings Thrives Song Competition, themed FLY Together, has just been announced.  Taking place at The White Rock Theatre on Wednesday 6th June.  It is sure to be a great night once again full of song, dance and laughter!


Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu


The Bobby Moore Fund

Friday, 27th April, 1:06 PM


Thank you so much for all the support today (27.4.18) and supporting the amazing Cancer Charity, The Bobby Moore Fund.
The Academy is awash with colour and a wide range of teams represented; from the greats (Liverpool, Juventus, QPR  and Hastings Town) to those lesser known teams still trying to make a name for themselves in world football, (Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal).

Thank you

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  


In need of some dynamism

Friday, 27th April, 10:59 AM

"Someone once told me that the most dynamic actors are people who have stories. People who have lived life. People with experiences." (Emmanuelle Chriqui)  We hope that all our children experience a wide range of experiences, in years from now we hope they will recall stories and events from their time with us at Silverdale - Dynamic learners every one of them!


Yours in eternal happiness 

 Sensei Wu   


Friday, 27th April, 10:50 AM

Wow!!! Since Silverdale PA introduced my Happiness Dojo over 65000 smileys have been rewarded to our young Shinobi.  This is amazing and shows how hard they are all working to achieving their goals on the road to becoming an Ultimate Ninja!

Cumulative totals for the week are Ambitious 11186; Dynamic 10767; Determined 10710; Inspirational 10794; Courageous 10717; Resilient 10823.  The Ambitious Ninja team are currently leading, come on everyone lets see if they can be caught by next week.

This  weeks Principal Award winners - well done guys and gals;


Followed closely by our star writers;

Once again we have a double winner as well;


Keep it up everyone!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 


International Champion!!

Thursday, 19th April, 10:55 AM

We are proud of all our young trainee ninjas here at Silverdale Primary Academy.  But occasionally one truly inspires us! 

Over the Easter break young Finley (Blue Judogi) (Year 5), part of The Westerleigh Judo Club, took part in the special needs world games in Holland where we are very proud to confirm he picked up first place in his category winning every one of his fights along the way. 


During the weekend Finley witnessed inspirational people fighting and also inspirational people building international relationships.


Finley was a part of Westerleigh judo club’s impressive medal haul where we won 12 golds, 4 silvers and 10 bronzes over the two days. 


Amazingly Finley - well done.  Only 4 years to the next Commonwealth Games, we'll be looking out for you!!

Yours in eternal happiness, 

 Sensei Wu   



Welcome back...

Tuesday, 17th April, 3:02 PM

Welcome back everyone,

I hope that you had a great Easter break and filled up with chocolate and other Easter goodies!

The first week back this term we are continuing to focus on the Courageous Ninja throughout the academy


Next week we are going to be supporting the Bobby Moore fund.  Bobby Moore was just 51 years old when he died. The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK was set up by Stephanie Moore MBE, Bobby’s widow, in his memory to fund pioneering, life-saving bowel cancer research.

Since the fund was set up in 1993 mortality rates have fallen by more than 30% and over £23.5 million has been raised for research, but we still have so much more to do.

To take part children are encouraged to wear a football shirt and make a donation to this amazing charity.

Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  


Time to celebrate our Determined Ninjas

Friday, 23rd March, 11:02 AM

Our most amazing week yet, nearly 8000 smileys have been awarded to the Determined ninjas (pupils).  Colin Powell said "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work", our pupils are well on their way to achieving their dreams!

Cumulative totals for the week are Ambitious 9187; Dynamic 9054; Determined 9021; Inspirational 8969; Courageous 8961, Resilient 8898 - Wow!!

KS1ninjas;                                                                                                            KS2 ninjas:


 We also celebrate our Star writers

KS1                                                                                                                            KS2 


And finally our double winner of the week; Kaitlyn!


Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu  

WANTED: Determind ninjas

Friday, 16th March, 10:06 AM

This coming week I have decided to look for more determined Ninjas within the walls and grounds of Silverdale Primary Academy. 



Yours in eternal happiness, 

 Sensei Wu  


Ambitious Award day!!

Friday, 16th March, 10:04 AM

Many years ago when I was studying the art of Kung Fu at Cambridge University I met a young student who told me that  "We are all different.  There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being, but we share the same human spirit".  I often wondered what came of this young man, I  was saddened to hear of his passing this week.  Stephen Hawking clearly was one of the great minds of our life times, I wonder which of our happiness ninjas will go on to make a similar impact upon the world in whatever field they choose?!

This week a number of them are well on the way, over 6000 smileys have been rewarded for good work and behaviour this week!.  Cumulative totals are;

iiiiiiinnnn 1st     Ambitious 7754;

iiiiiiinnnn2nd     Determined 7733;

iiiiiiiiinnn3rd      Dynamic 7697

iiiiiiiiinnn 4th     Resilient 7685

iiiiiiiiiinnn 5th     Courageous 7684;

iiiiiiiiiinnn6th     Inspirational 7616.


This week we again have two double winners, well done Poppy and Rabia!


Yours in eternal happiness, super smashing great!


Sensei Wu  


Inspirational Ninjas

Friday, 9th March, 11:04 AM

For the last two weeks the children have been honing their skills as Inspirational Ninjas.  Their desire to inspire has blown me away; so much so that for the last fortnight I have been inspired to start to write a novel about my time as a young ninja training in the Lost Rainforests of Illuzia Island.


Children of Silverdale PA received awards for inspirational writing, maths, science and thinking about concepts too complex for a mere mortal!

A number also received the Star Writer Award;


Two individuals have shown extreme ninja skills this week by being awarded the Ninja Principal Award and The Star Writer Award, well done Hope & Harry;


This coming week we are back looking for young Ninjas to show Ambition in all that they do and achieve!


Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 




Inspiring ninjas

Tuesday, 6th March, 10:01 AM

What inspirational trainee happiness ninjas we have in our Academy.  Children inspiring themselves, each other and their teachers!


 Some amazing writers in the academy as well.

 Yours in eternal happiness 


 Sensei Wu  


Sensei Wu's shop

Thursday, 1st March, 12:33 PM

My Dojo/ smiley award shop has been open this morning, it never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful individuals have collected enough smileys to come and spend every week!



 Yours in eternal happiness 


 Sensei Wu 


Inspirational books on World Book Day 2018

Thursday, 1st March, 10:34 AM

I remember my friend Oscar Wilde saying "It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it."  Judging by the fancy dress that a number of the children have arrived in today it would be fair to say that books, characters and amazing plots are inspiring our children on a daily basis!


These are just a handful of the amazing, inspiring outfits on display at Silverdale Primary Academy today. 

 Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu 

Inspirational sports stars

Monday, 26th February, 1:08 PM

The snow may be falling and the weekend freezing cold - but today I learnt about some truly inspiring hockey stars of the future who were not put off by this!

Hockey has become a key sport at Silverdale, due in no small part to the inspirational Miss Chadwick, and over the weekend four members of the Silverdale Community competed in the Hurstpierpoint Vase.  JJ, Alfie and Layton competed for the boys team who came 1st, whilst Ruby played for the girls, and they came 2nd.


Well done, we are all incredibly proud of you!

Yours in eternal happiness 

 Sensei Wu  




Inspirational ninjas

Friday, 23rd February, 10:19 AM

I have always been inspired by the work of Toshiro Mifune, with his genuinely imposing demeanour and gruff voice, war veteran Mifune was director Akira Kurosawa’s muse. Most famously he starred in 1954’s Seven Samurai, and was considered by George Lucas to play the part of Obi Wan Kenobi and almost got the part of Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid.  His dedication to the art of Kung Fu has inspired me and many more of the Wu family.

This week we are challenging the children to work towards their inspirational target.  Can they inspire themselves and each other to achieve their dreams and goals?! 

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 


Time to celebrate the "Dynamic" ninjas

Friday, 23rd February, 10:11 AM

I remember Grandpa Wu once telling me that he believed that  "the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day."  After a restful week over half term the children returned energised and ready to work.  They showed truly dynamic skills and a number have been rewarded justly.


We also celebrated this week our star writers throughout the Academy.  Children have worked dynamically on a variety of genres including diaries, adventure stories, persuasive texts! 


One amazing young ninja found himself completing the double this week!  Well done Riley!


 Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu  



Courageous Champions.....

Friday, 9th February, 10:43 AM

I recall sitting one day with Doggie Wu when I was a young Sensei; I'll never forget he said to me "woof woof woof bark woof woof bark bark" which I understood to mean “Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.”

This week our courageous Ninjas have shown some truly marvellous ninja-like skills and we are filled with joy to celebrate their brilliance!


Well done everyone!  A total of 7666 smileys have been rewarded for good work and behaviour this week - an impressive start.  Cumulative totals are;
Ambitious 3293; Courageous 3305; Determined 3291; Dynamic 3331; Inspirational 3265; Resilient 3311. 

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  

Courageous in the snow.....

Monday, 5th February, 10:28 AM


It is on days like these that I am reminded of the courageous mountaineers Chris Bonington and Doug Scott.

On July 13, 1977, they became the first climbers to summit Baintha Brakk in Pakistan, a peak known as The Ogre. However, the descent turned disastrous when Scott slipped while rappelling and broke both his legs. Bonington then also had an accident while coming down the mountain, breaking several ribs and later contracting suspected pneumonia. 

Both men were helped by their team members but still had to maintain mental control in the face of many setbacks and the pain of their injuries. Scott, who crawled for 12 whole days, said he persevered by focusing on “one feature at a time. A nub of rock, a pinnacle. Get there and then think about the next bit. Because to think about the whole thing was a bit mind-boggling.” The team eventually made it to base camp where rescuers came to their aid.

Truly courageous and inspirational fellows.  Although we might not need to make it down the side of a mountain, being courageous in everything we do enables us to achieve our dreams whilst living life to the full!

 Yours in eternal happiness

 Sensei Wu 


An amazingly determined young ninja....

Friday, 2nd February, 2:25 PM

News has just reached me through the fissures of space (and the Hastings Observer website) of an amazing feat by one of our young trainee happiness ninjas.  Young Sebi, from Woodpeckers class, has just qualified to complete in his first National motorcycle championship.  Riding since the age of three Sebi has shown great determination to achieve his dream.


We wish him all the best for his future competitions,

Yours in eternal happiness


Sensei Wu 


Determined Ninjas rewarded......

Friday, 2nd February, 12:55 PM

 As the blue moon became a distant memory this morning the winners of this weeks Determined Principal Award were rewarded!

 Well done everyone.  A total of 6037smileys have been rewarded for good work and behaviour this week - an impressive start.  Cumulative totals are;
Ambitious 1967; Courageous 1900; Determined 2030; Dynamic 2026; Inspirational 2021; Resilient 2186. 


 Yours in eternal happiness, 

Sensei Wu 


The Courageous Ninja has landed......

Friday, 2nd February, 12:27 PM


Like a condor swooping over the Zion National Park, the Courageous Ninja has landed in Silverdale's playground.  Great Grandma Wu used to tell me that "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again".  This week my young ninjas in training will be trying to be as courageous as possible; focusing on keeping on going, if they make mistake trying again and again until they are victorious in their endeavours!

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu


Thursday, 1st February, 11:12 AM


As the super moon rose in the night sky I was reminded of the endurance and determination that the children of Silverdale Primary Academy have demonstrated this week.  Trying new skills. not giving up when the going gets tough and always giving 100%.  The Determined Ninja stickers have been worn with pride, and the children have shared their endeavours with joy!
Who will be rewarded with the Determination Certificate in tomorrow's assembly?  I can't wait to find out.

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu 

The next challenge is........

Friday, 26th January, 1:35 PM


I have spent many hours meditating on which skill our young ninjas should practice next.  After consulting with the stars, moons and planets the cosmic world has pointed me towards "Determined".  My old shinobi no mono, Vince Lombardi, once reminded me that "the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

I look forward to seeing how our young ninjas demonstrate this next week.

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu  

Ambitious winners

Friday, 26th January, 1:26 PM

As the sun broke through the grey clouds this morning the winners of this weeks Ambitious Principal Award were rewarded!


Well done everyone.  A total of 6093 smileys have been rewarded for good work and behaviour this week - an impressive start.
Ambitious 987; Courageous 935; Determined 1010; Dynamic 1006; Inspirational 1052; Resilient 1103. 

 Yours in eternal happiness, 

Sensei Wu 

Ambitious times

Thursday, 25th January, 9:19 AM


I have walked through the Valley of Enlightenment (Silverdale Primary Academy) witnessing many great acts of Ambition from the children in their work and endeavours.  Today is the last day of our Ambition training (for the time being), one last day to receive the Red Ambition Ninja Award.

It could be you!

Tomorrow we will start our training on our journey towards becoming the Ultimate Ninja

Yours in Eternal Happiness
Sensei Wu.

Sensei Wu's Happiness Dojo - The First blog!

Wednesday, 24th January, 12:21 PM

What a great week following the opening of Sensei Wu's Happiness Dojo on Friday 19.1.2018.  The children have now been given their new house teams and are working hard on their ninja skills.

This week the children are really focusing on the skill of Ambition.  This may be shown through ambitious word choices in their writing, striving to work through Challenge 4 and beyond in their Maths, through Home Learning or in an Art lesson.  The possibilities are endless!!

I remember my good friend Oscar Wilde saying that "our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more." - Wise words!

Keep on showing ambition in everything you do,

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu