The Government have recently reviewed the assessment systems used by schools and therefore we are no longer using levels to describe where your child is at. Instead, regardless of your child’s year group, we will describe your child’s current attainment using the following terms:

  • Working below national standard
  • Working at national standard (within the expected age attainment range)
  • Working above national standard

We will continue to set targets for all children to ensure that they make sufficient progress throughout the year and these are detailed in the attached document. If a child is currently working at the national standard and is targeted to be working at the national standard by the end of the year, this does not mean they will make no progress across the year but simply that they will progress in line with their peers. Making more progress than this will be considered to be accelerated progress and will be celebrated at parent consultation meetings.

We expect the pupils to make six steps of progress (1 step of progress each term) within every year to enable them to make sufficient progress. This will be reported to you at parents’ consultation meetings as well.