Uniform at our Academy

We encourage all children to wear school sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE and book bags that are embroidered with the Academy badge.

We do reserve the right to forbid items of clothing, accessories and footwear which are unacceptably dangerous in the Academy or are against the interests of the children at large. Similarly, extremes of new styles are not acceptable. If in doubt, please ask your child’s class teacher.


Q: Where can I get Silverdale uniform, bags etc with the embroidered Academy badge?
A: These are available from: Superstitch86, 67 Castleham Road. https://www.superstitch86.co.uk or https://www.sussexuniforms.co.uk/collections/silverdale.

Q: Can my child wear trainers with coloured logos etc?
A: No. We ask all children to wear smart black shoes. Trainers are fine for PE activities.

Q: Are hoodies allowed?
A: No, all children should wear a plain navy sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece.