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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding is money given to schools from the Government to support the progress of pupils vulnerable to underachievement as shown by Government statistics.

Government statistical data shows that pupils from a low income background are at high risk of under achieving. This includes children entitled to Free Schools Meals, Looked After Children and Children with English as an additional language.

The Government believes that the pupil premium funding, which is based on the number of children from Year R through to Year 11 and are entitled to free school meals on or who have entitles to free school meals at any time in the past 6 years, is a way to address the current underlying inequalities between vulnerable children and their peers. It is for schools to decide how the pupil premium funding is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils who attract the funding.


Please see the Pupil Premium Expenditure below: