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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) means that a child has noticeably more difficulty learning what most children of a similar age learn successfully.

In order to comply with and fulfil the requirements of the 1981 Education Act and the National Curriculum, it is our policy to provide special needs education within the following guidelines:

  • Every effort is made to maintain full integration of all pupils within mainstream classes. We also offer opportunities for children to work on a one-to-one basis where appropriate;
  • We make every effort to provide appropriate support and guidance for pupils having special educational needs, including emotional and behavioural problems;
  • We liaise and co-operate with outside support agencies on matters of special needs education;
  • We seek the views and assistance of parents as part of any scheme that implements individual teaching programmes;
  • We ensure children have equal access to the curriculum and disabilities are catered for wherever necessary;
  • We ensure that all children, whatever their ability, are provided with an education to help them reach their potential. This will include providing enriching activities for pupils perceived to be gifted and talented in a particular subject area. We believe in early intervention so that ‘catch-up’ programmes can be implemented and barriers to learning identified and removed.