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Our School

Silverdale is a thriving primary academy which is part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, for children aged between 4+ and 11 years. The academy is situated in the northern part of St Leonards-on-Sea.

At Silverdale Primary Academy, we are very proud of our academy site which has extensive and beautiful grounds and very large playing fields. We are very fortunate to have a rainforest themed library, a forest schools outdoor learning area and a large bank of ICT resources.

Our academy is based on the core University of Brighton Academies Trust values that Silverdale holds at the heart of all we do. We work together to create a place where we can all meet our potential, deliver excellence, achieve our ambition and enjoy being together.

We are part of a family of academies

We are proud to be part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, a distinguished organisation dedicated to nurturing and supporting infant, primary, and secondary academies throughout Sussex.

As a family of academies, we collectively pursue common goals and ambitions guided by our shared mission, vision, and values.

Our association with the University of Brighton lends invaluable enrichment to the Trust. Drawing upon their esteemed sponsorship and extensive experience in working with schools, we strive to create an environment where our pupils are not only inspired to excel but also cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.

The benefits of being an academy include:

  • Access to expert advice and support from our lead sponsor, the University of Brighton, to further develop our teaching
  • Support and expertise from a dedicated professional services team, who help all our academies grow and develop every year
  • Curriculum freedoms; as an academy we can develop learning that really excites children
  • The continuation of our distinctive and inclusive ethos
  • The resources we need to move our good school to outstanding.

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