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British values

As an academy we actively promote our community as part of a democratic and diverse British society.

All of our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes are named after key aspects and people from British life and history.

We expect children to develop an understanding of the law as it applies to them, respect individual rights and equality and experience aspects of democracy. As an equal opportunities organisation, we also foster respect and tolerance of all those within our community, regardless of their faiths, beliefs and viewpoints. We ensure that there are opportunities for our pupils to learn about their country through our teaching and our values.

We encourage positive Relationships and Learning Behaviours within our Environment. We also celebrate Ambition, Courageousness, Determination. Inspiration, Resilience and Dynamism within our Academy and wider community. These values are highlighted as themes at weekly assemblies, and underpin our ethos and behaviour system.

How our classes shows them, are taught them etc.