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Here at the University of Brighton Academies Trust, we believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of our pupils, and we are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.

Our Purpose:

To inspire, motivate, encourage and educate our pupils to acquire critical life skills, to think for themselves and build their confidence as they develop the wisdom needed to achieve their goals, enjoy their life and make a difference to our world. Together, we drive social mobility and contribute to a more equal and inclusive society.

Our Mission:

To inspire our children and staff to flourish and achieve their best.

Our Vision:

To create a vibrant, inclusive community, transforming lives and broadening horizons through excellent teaching and learning.

Our Values:

Achieving Ambitions is about inspiring our people to be the best they can be, celebrating our success, dreaming big, and empowering our children to lead fulfilling lives. By doing this, we can transform lives and broaden horizons, while encouraging a culture of sustainability.

Working Together means we can create a vibrant, inclusive community that’s open and honest and shares ideas and best practices. We support and challenge each other to deliver great service and continually encourage collaboration and strong partnerships.

Delivering Excellence ensures we are resilient and determined and develop a creative flag-ship curriculum for all our children delivered through excellent teaching and learning. Sharing expertise and knowledge, exploring possibilities, rewarding innovation, and challenging and motivating our children and staff to have high expectations and aspirations are all at the heart of this value.

Nurturing Potential, last but not least, is focusing on treating others as we wish to be treated and empowering children and staff to flourish. From this, we attract and retain staff through flexible structures and career pathways and offer children and staff wellbeing support.

As a Trust, our academies all share a belief that education transforms lives and creates brighter futures.

At Silverdale Primary Academy, we seek to encourage all of our children to master key learning skills in order to become the ultimate Silverdale Ninja. 

Our pupils are:


As ambitious ninjas we will set ourselves ambitious targets and work to achieve these.


As courageous ninjas we will try something new; something that takes us outside our comfort zone.


As determined ninjas we won’t give up until we achieve our goals.


As dynamic ninjas we will have a positive attitude and be full of energy and new ideas.


As inspirational ninjas we will help our friends; approach work differently and take inspiration from others.


As resilient ninjas we will learn from our mistakes and bounce back from these.


These six key learning skills are targeted to enable the children to “become the ultimate….”