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Another 5000+ week...

Another 5000+ week...

Over the past week, we gave out over 5000 smileys!  Big shout out to the classes who have the highest smiley totals this week:

KS1 hall: Oak - 2 weeks in a row!

KS2 hall: Rowling


The official weekly smiley house winners this week are...

Courageous! Well done to all those Courageous ninjas


Courageous also narrowly retained their overall lead!  Scores currently stand at; Ambitious 15632; Determined 15572; Dynamic 15782; Inspirational 15423; Resilient 15912; and our leaders Courageous on 16236.

Attendance for last week saw Kingfishers once again our KS1 winners with 98%, and with 99% our KS2 winners were Morpurgo.  Whole school attendance took a little knock with 94.5%.  As of today (Monday 9.3.2020) we are awarding all children a smiley just for being in school, with double smileys on a Monday and Friday.  This will mean that children can automatically receive 7 smileys every week just by being in school ready to learn!


This weeks winners:

Principal Award Winners:


Dynamic Presentation:

Star Writers:




Keep it up everyone,

Yours in eternal happiness

Sensei Wu