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Smiley Shop

At Silverdale we love learning! To reward our fantastic pupils for their Ready, Respectful & Responsible behaviour, along with their brilliant learning, they have the opportunity to spend their hard earned smileys in the 'Smiley Shop'! 

This year we have listened to our community through meetings with the PTA and our new School Council. The message has been loud and clear - you would like more 'Smiley experiences' and fewer plastic toys. 

So, new this year, children have the opportunity to team together and earn class 'mini experiences'. At 150 smileys children can choose to purchase a 'golden time' token. Once a class has 10 'golden time' tokens they will have earned an additional playtime for their whole class - so we are encouraging selflessness and the act of giving too! What this playtime involves can be negotiated with the teacher, so that it fits the age and preferences of the class. It will be for approximately 30 minutes. 

Alternatively, there will still be a range of treats available from the shop - where possible we will endeavour to source as responsibly as possible (although as ever budget is a significant consideration so plastic is likely to remain a feature for some time). 

Finally, the 300 smiley 'mega experiences' will return this year following a break for COVID. For 300 smileys, children can purchase super treats like a fun swimming session, VIP forest school experience or 'bottomless popcorn' cinema evening. 


50-150 smileys

For 50-150 smileys there will be a range of fun stationary, pocket toys and squishies. In addition, new this year, we have some brand new copies of the classic Fantasy tale: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone available for just 100 smileys (Years 3-6 only). 


150 smiley 'mini experiences'

For 150 smileys children can purchase a 'golden ticket'. 10 golden tickets in a class = a wonderful 'mini experience' organised by their class teacher. This could be an extra play, fun games or whatever the class agrees with their teacher for around 30 minutes. 

200 smiley - Silverdale Water Bottles

For 200 smileys children can purchase a branded Silverdale water bottle - these are very limited edition with only 100 ever made! 

300 smileys - A Mega Smiley Experience!

For 300 smileys children can purchase a ticket for a 'Mega Smiley Experience'. Experiences include:

VIP Forest School experience. Get ready for some delicious home cooked food on the Forest School campfire and lots of fun activities in your very own VIP Forest School experience!

Fun Swimming Pool Session. Have fun in the school swimming pool in a special fun session. Floats, inflatables and music for a 'swimtastic' time! 

VIP 'bottomless popcorn' Cinema evening. Enjoy a movie on the 'big screen' in the school hall after-school. Popcorn, drink and sweets provided!