Year 5 WB 1st Feb 2021

Year 5 WB 1st Feb 2021

Year 5 Home learning WB 1st February 2021

Hi all, hope you all enjoyed your message from Mr Jackson about your home learning for this week. Thank you to all the parents and children that continue to e-mail their year 5 teacher. We love hearing from you and seeing what you have been up to. Please do keep sending it in and if you still have not been in touch with your teachers, there’s still time. Here is a reminder of our class email addresses:

Don’t forget you can also use the e-mails to ask questions about your learning or just say hi and tell us what you have been up to!

Please remember that Mr Jackson, Mr Mann and Mrs Duckett are also teaching class bubbles in school, so we may not be able to respond immediately - but will get back to you! 

Daily learning guide
Learning times are only a guide, you might choose to approach each task at a different time

9.00: English - This week we are going to continue with our learning related to story writing – we hope you enjoyed the lessons from week.





Friday:  In this lesson, we would like you to use all the skills you have built up in the last couple of weeks and have a go at writing your own story. The only thing we ask is… try and give it a space theme as this links to our topic. We have attached a story mountain planning sheet to help you plan out your work. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. PDF version for printing. Word version for typing

9.45: Time to log on and complete some work on Spelling Shed

10.15: Read for 20 – 30 minutes.

Remember to record your thoughts in your reading journal. If you finish a book it would be great if you had a go at writing a book review.

10.45: Take a break.  Grab a drink and a snack ready for your Maths lesson

11.00: Maths – This week we are continuing with our work on fractions and decimals. Well done for all the work last week – you did brilliantly. If you missed any sessions, it may be worth going back a catching up, as it will help with your lessons this week.






11:45: Take time to complete some work on Doodle Maths/ Doodle Tables.

12.15: Lunch time.

13.15: In the afternoon we focus on our Foundation subjects, here are some suggested activities in line with what we will be doing in school each day.

Monday: Science

Last week in Science, you learnt about why the sun appears to move across the sky during the day. This week we you are going to be discovering why we have different amounts of daylight hours, depending on the time of the year.

Watch the video below – the person narrating this is American, so calls autumn the fall. Also, you do not need to do the questions at the end, unless you want to.

Once you have watched the video, we would like you to complete this sheet: PDF format for printing,

Tuesday: Art

We would like you to design your own planet.

Think about the following:

What is your planets name?

What colour will it be?

How big will it be?

How many moons does it have (if any)?

What will the surface of the moon look like (water, land, and signs of life)?

Who inhabits the planet?

Create a poster, which includes a picture of your planet and all of the information above.

Wednesday:  Topic/DT

Over the last few weeks you have been doing some amazing work all linked to space, space travel and being an astronaut. This week we would like you to have a go at creating a dinner menu for an astronaut. Here are a few videos showing astronaut Chris Hatfield cooking and eating in space…

Here is one last video, where Heston Blumethal (celebrity chef) sets you the challenge of designing a menu.

We have attached a couple of sheets to help you. Have fun, we can’t wait to see what amazing feasts you come up with:

3DTEatwellplatediagramWeek5.pdf        4DTmealplanWeek5.pdf

Thursday: PSHE

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (1 – 7th Feb).

We often focus on our Physical fitness – making sure we are keeping ourselves fit and healthy. We may do this by going out for walks, riding our bikes or doing a club like gymnastics, dance or football.

However, it is also important to focus on our mental health. Sometimes we can feel worried, anxious or upset and it is important that we have ways to make ourselves feel better; this may include Physical exercise. This week, for your PSHE, we would like you to do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. This could be baking, riding your bike, writing a story, drawing a picture, reading or playing/listening to music. Mrs Duckett will defiantly be getting out on her bike, Mr Jackson will be heading out for a run and Mr Mann will be reading a good book!

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself – if you can send us a picture or let us know what you did and how it made you feel, that would be great.

Friday: PE

As we have done in previous weeks, you can use this session to get out and about doing your daily exercise. If for some reason you can’t go out, maybe your parents are working or you are needing to isolate at the moment, do not worry. Here is link to some kids’ workout sessions…

These 20 min sessions are brilliant, you can train as a superhero (Black Panther, Wonder Woman or Batman to name a few). Maybe you could have a go at creating a few of your own moves. As we always say the most important thing is having fun and enjoying the exercise J.

Couple of extra things you could work on:


You may remember back in the first lockdown we suggested you took part in the Virtual Sussex Games! Well guys it is back for the winter! This week the sport/skills is snow sports! To find out more check out their Instagram account. We will also sent out extra information as and when we receive it J.


We have found the following website created by the ESA – it is full of games, activates and information all related to space and the ESA.

Extra Information - Learning Apps

In addition to the lessons and activities prepared by your teachers, all children have unlimited access to a number of learning apps. In Year 5 these apps are:

DoodleMaths & DoodleTables

Edshed (Spelling Shed)

You should have logins for all three of these sites, and you will be used to using them at school. Try to use them daily to help improve your Maths and Spelling skills. They are all free to use and work on pretty much any online device - including many mobile phones. 

If you have any problems logging on, please either contact your class teacher via the class email address or contact Silverdale tech support at: