Year 5 WB 8th Feb 2021

Year 5 WB 8th Feb 2021

Year 5 Home learning WB 8th February 2021

Hi all, we have made it to the last week of term 3 J. We hope you all enjoyed your weekly video message about your home learning. Thank you to all the parents and children that continue to e-mail their year 5 teacher. Well done to all the children who have been logging on to the year 5 assemblies on a Wednesday and/or the whole school assemblies on a Friday - we love seeing you guys on there.

Even though it is the last week, please do make sure you keep sending in your work. Just in case you need them, here are our class email addresses:

Please remember that Mr Jackson, Mr Mann and Mrs Duckett are also teaching class bubbles in school, so we may not be able to respond immediately - but will get back to you! 

Don’t forget the Year group assembly at 2:50pm on Wednesday, you can find the link here, but you'll need the password your parent has been sent via email:

Here is Mrs Duckett with an introduction to this week's home learning

Daily learning guide
Learning times are only a guide, you might choose to approach each task at a different time

9.00: English – This week in our English we are going to have a focus on grammar. As a suggestion - you could use what you learn this week and have a go at editing and improving your stories from last week.  





Friday:  Inset Day

9.45: Time to log on and complete some work on Spelling Shed

10.15: Read for 20 – 30 minutes.

Remember to record your thoughts in your reading journal. If you finish a book it would be great if you had a go at writing a book review.

10.45: Take a break.  Grab a drink and a snack ready for your Maths lesson

11.00: Maths – This week we are continuing with our lessons related to fractions and decimals. Hopefully, you have been finding the previous lessons ok. Please remember, if you are unsure of anything make sure you let your teachers know – we are here to help.





Friday:  Inset day  

11:45: Take time to complete some work on Doodle Maths/ Doodle Tables.

12.15: Lunch time.

13.15: In the afternoon we focus on our Foundation subjects, here are some suggested activities in line with what we will be doing in school each day.

Monday: Science

This week, in our Science, we are going to be learning about the solar system and finding out how long it takes for each of the planets to orbit the sun.

Have a look at the following website, it gives you lots of information about the different planets within our solar system:

The following link tells us how long it takes for each of the planets to orbit the sun:  

Mercury = 88 days

Venus = 225 days

Earth = 365 days

Mars = 687 days

Jupiter = 12 Earths years or 4380 days

Saturn = 29.5 Earth years or 10767 days

Uranus = 84 Earth years or 33660 days

Neptune = 165 Earth years or 60225 days

Using this information we would like you to calculate how old you and members of you family would be on different planets. You will need access to a calculator for this!

First take you age and multiply it by 365:

9 x 365 = 3285 (this is how many days you have been alive)

Then take the 3285 and divide it by how long it takes the planet to orbit the sun:

3285 ÷ 88 (Mercury) = 37.3295454545

Rounded to the nearest year you would be 37 years old on Mercury J

Tuesday: Art/ Music

Below are two links to pieces of music composed by Gustav Holst between 1914 and 1916. These two musical pieces come from a suite called ‘The Planets’. We have chosen Mars and Neptune for you to listen to.

While listening to the music we would like you to create a picture – it does not need to be a drawing. More an expression of your feelings while listening to it.

You can choose what medium you work in – for example paint, coloured pencil or chalk.

We can’t wait to see what you create!  

Wednesday and Thursday: Topic –

Over the next couple of days we would like you to research the Apollo 11 mission. This was the mission that took Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on a trip to the moon. Try to find out key information, such as dates, times, locations and quotes.

Here are some websites that might help:

We would then like you to turn this information into a newspaper report. We have attached a poster to remind you of the key features of a newspaper report. We have also attached a newspaper template that you may like to use. 

Newspaper poster

Newspaper template word format for typing

Newspaper template pdf format for printing/viewing

Friday: Inset Day

Couple of extra things you could work on:


You may remember back in the first lockdown we suggested you took part in the Virtual Sussex Games! Well guys it is back for the winter! This week the sport/skills is Bob Run! To find out more check out their Instagram account. We will also sent out extra information as and when we receive it J.


We have come across this website:

You can print off paper/card models that you can build into Space vehicles. We would love to see them if you are able to build one.

Extra Information - Learning Apps

In addition to the lessons and activities prepared by your teachers, all children have unlimited access to a number of learning apps. In Year 5 these apps are:

DoodleMaths & DoodleTables

Edshed (Spelling Shed)

You should have logins for all three of these sites, and you will be used to using them at school. Try to use them daily to help improve your Maths and Spelling skills. They are all free to use and work on pretty much any online device - including many mobile phones. 

If you have any problems logging on, please either contact your class teacher via the class email address or contact Silverdale tech support at: