Year 6 WB 1st Feb 2021

Year 6 WB 1st Feb 2021

Year 6 Home learning WB 1st February 2021 

Remember to email your class teachers with photos, scans, documents of any home learning that you complete. We have been awarding lots of smileys and posting some of your work on Instagram. Don’t forget that we are also awarding smileys for the work that you do on Doodle Maths and Spelling Shed. 
The class email addresses are: 

You can use this email to send work to your teacher, ask for advice or just tell them about the wonderful learning you are doing at home!  

Please remember that all the teachers are also teaching class bubbles in school, so they may not be able to respond immediately - but they will get back to you!  

An introduction to this week's learning by Miss Chadwick

Daily learning guide 
Learning times are only a guide, you might choose to approach each task at a different time 

9.00: Maths, Over the next two weeks our maths focus will be angles. The videos will cover different types of angles, angles in shapes and calculating missing angles. Some of the work will be from learning that you missed in year 5 and then it will move on to year 6 objectives. We will cover measuring and drawing angles later in the year when we can work together. 

Please read this first. You have a choice here: 

  • If you are not very confident with angles and would like to become more confident, start with the first group of lessons and then you will get the opportunity to do Group 2 lessons next week.  

  • If you are already confident with angles, you can start on Group 2 lessons this week then next week there will be more challenges in Group 3 lessons. 

Group 1

Monday: Understanding angles.


Tuesday: Recognising right angles.


Wednesday: Recognising acute and obtuse angles and shapes.


Thursday: Angles within a shape.


Friday:   Compare and order acute, obtuse and reflex angles


Group 2

Monday: Calculating angles on a line or around a point

In this lesson you will learn how to calculate angles on a straight line, vertically opposite angles and angles around a point.


Tuesday: Calculating angles within a shape (Part 1)

In this lesson we will learn about different types of triangle and how to calculate angles within a triangle.


Wednesday: Calculating angles within a shape (Part 2)

In this lesson we will learn about different types of quadrilaterals and how to calculate angles within composite shapes.


Thursday: Calculating angles within a shape 3. In this lesson we will learn about parallel lines, their angles and how we can use this information within composite shapes


Friday: In this lesson we will revise all the topics from this unit and focus how to apply all these skills fluently and efficiently.


9.45: Take time to complete some work on Doodle Maths/ Doodle Tables.

10.15: Take a break.  Grab a drink and a snack ready for your English lesson

10.45: Read for 15 – 20 minutes.  Remember to record your thoughts in your
reading record.


11.00:    English


This week we are focusing on journalistic writing, building up to writing a newspaper report. In class we are going to be focusing around Climate change, but you are going to be writing a report on an incident in which SPIDER-MAN was involved! This is a 2 week unit, so this week you will be focusing on the features, gathering evidence and then beginning your planning. You will NOT be writing your full report this week, we are saving that for when you have gathered all of your information and have thoroughly planned it. Enjoy! J  

Monday: Features of a news report and introducing the Spiderman related incident: Lesson 1 

Tuesday:  Collect evidence and make notes. Lesson 2

Wednesday: Grammar lesson based around words associated with chaos and confusion (perfect for use in your newspaper reports). Lesson 3

Thursday: Write the introduction to your newspaper (the 5W’s). Lesson 4

Friday: plan the main body to the newspaper report: Lesson 5


12.00: Time to log on and complete some work on Spelling Shed

12.15: Lunch time.

13:00 Meet us on Teams for our assembly.

13.20: In the afternoon we focus on our Foundation subjects, here are some suggested activities in line with what we will be doing in school each day.

Monday: Science- theory of Evolution (Charles Darwin)

Here is the link for the fifth lesson on evolution: Evolution

If you did this lesson last week, then have a go at the next lesson: Next lesson

Tuesday: RE- 5 K’s of Sikhism: Sikhism



Topic: We would like you to design a home or town of the future.

Think about everything that you have learned about climate change this term. How could we adapt to it in the future and also improve the situation? We would like you to design a house or town of the future - it should be designed to be sustainable and adapted to cope with the effects of climate change. You could draw and annotate this or, if you prefer, you could make a 3D model. Have a look at the PDF for ideas.

Thursday: PE- Muay Thai with Kelly

Today we are going to jazz PE up slightly and have a go at a new sport that some of you will have never tried before- Muay Thai boxing! Some of you we know do martial arts outside of school which is fantastic and you can apply those skills for your PE lesson today. 

You are going to watch and participate with Kelly Haynes (a British Champion of Muay Thai boxing) in some fun, challenging sessions. This will help you improve your fitness and also give you the basics of martial arts through our Mini Muay Thai sessions.

If you love it, you can sneak ahead and do the other challenges/activities too! Let your teacher know what you enjoyed about it and how it made you feel! Try and get your parents involved too!


Friday: Climate change and the melting polar ice caps investigation

You are going to have the opportunity to have a bit of practical fun! For this experiment you are going to need:

Large Icebergs (get two bowls and fill them with water and freeze them earlier in the week), a container e.g. a deep tray or a washing up bowl, water, stones, polar animals (or any form of figure or animal that you have at home e.g. lego characters), ruler, timer.


Place the tray/container on a surface. Fill it with a tiny bit of water (you could add blue food colouring if you have any) and add some fish. You then need to add stones onto one side and place some polar animals on it. Then place the ice caps into the water with the polar animals (or any figures you have) on top and wait!

 You can then design this investigation how you wish, but in class we are going to measure the height of the water to start with and then every 20 minutes afterwards until the ice has completely melted.


Think about these questions:

 -Is there more or less space for the animals as the ice has melted?

-What has happened to the land as the water level has risen?

-What has happened to the water level over time?

-Which animals will this have the biggest impact on?

-What effect will this have on the animals both in the water and on land?

-What effects will it have on humans and the land?


Have a go at writing up your investigation, including pictures and diagrams and answer the questions below. You could then challenge yourself by writing a persuasive piece to show your findings from this research. This highlights the effects the climate change is having and that if this happens both humans and animals will be effected.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your ice creations!

 Have a look at this website if you want to see more visual examples:


HASTINGS TO PARIS CHALLENGE- don’t forget to keep completing your activity tracker for the HRSGP challenge Hastings to Paris challenge! Who will be first to walk, run or cycle a total of 160 miles, the direct distance from Hastings to Paris, site of the 2024 Olympics? Complete your table and send it in to your teachers at the end of each week, or save it up until the end of term and send it all across! How many year 6s can we get to travel the distance to Paris?


Virtual Sussex Games is back! Complete these weekly challenges to gain points for Silverdale and get us on the leaderboard! Have a go, practice and improve and submit your scores on the website!  Have fun! 😊

Learning Apps

In addition to the lessons and activities prepared by your teachers, all children have unlimited access to a number of learning apps. In Year 6 these apps are:

DoodleMaths & DoodleTables

Edshed (Spelling Shed)

You should have logins for all three of these sites, and you will be used to using them at school. Try to use them daily to help improve your maths and spelling skills. They are all free to use and work on pretty much any online device - including many mobile phones. 

If you have any problems logging on, please either contact your class teacher via the class email address or contact Silverdale tech support at: