Year 6 WB 8th Feb 2021

Year 6 WB 8th Feb 2021

Year 6 Home learning WB 8th February 2021

Remember to email your class teachers with photos, scans, documents of any home learning that you complete. We have been awarding lots of smileys and posting some of your work on Instagram. Don’t forget that we are also awarding smileys for the work that you do on Doodle Maths and Spelling Shed.
The class email addresses are:

You can use this email to send work to your teacher, ask for advice or just tell them about the wonderful learning you are doing at home!

Please remember that all the teachers are also teaching class bubbles in school, so they may not be able to respond immediately - but they will get back to you! 

Don’t forget the Year group assembly at 1pm on Tuesday, you can find the link here, but you'll need the password your parent has been sent via email:

An introduction to this week's learning from Miss Chadwick

Daily learning guide

Learning times are only a guide, you might choose to approach each task at a different time

·         If you completed Group 1 lessons last week, carry on now with Group 2.

·         If you completed Group 2 last week, move on to Group 3 lessons.

Group 2

Monday: Calculating angles on a line or around a point

In this lesson you will learn how to calculate angles on a straight line, vertically opposite angles and angles around a point.


Tuesday: Calculating angles within a shape 1

In this lesson we will learn about different types of triangle and how to calculate angles within a triangle.


Wednesday: Calculating angles within a shape (Part 2)

In this lesson we will learn about different types of quadrilaterals and how to calculate angles within composite shapes.


Thursday: Calculating angles within a shape 3

In this lesson we will learn about parallel lines, their angles and how we can use this information within composite shapes


Group 3

Monday: Find the value of missing angles


Tuesday: Compare and classify triangles

In today’s lesson we will compare and classify triangles, looking at how to recognise the different types of triangles and the sum of the angles in a triangle.


Wednesday: Compare and classify quadrilaterals

In today’s lesson, we will classify different types of quadrilateral and learn about the sum of their internal angles.


Thursday: Find unknown angles in triangles

In today’s lesson, we will represent the angles in a triangle pictorially and algebraically before learning how to calculate missing angles.


9.45: Take time to complete some work on Doodle Maths/ Doodle Tables.

10.15: Take a break.  Grab a drink and a snack ready for your English lesson

10.45: Read for 15 – 20 minutes.  Remember to record your thoughts in your
reading record.


11.00:    English

Monday: Write the main body of the newspaper report

Tuesday: plan the end of your newspaper report

Wednesday: write an eye witness statement to include in your report

Thursday: Write the ending to your newspaper report

Extra challenge for the afternoons/half term: You have spent 2 weeks learning about the features of and how to write a well-structured newspaper report. In this lesson you will be set another incident involving Spider-Man and your job is to write a newspaper report about the incident. Send in your reports to your teachers for extra dojos! J

12.00: Time to log on and complete some work on Spelling Shed

12.15: Lunch time.

13:00 Meet us on Teams for our assembly.

13.20: In the afternoon we focus on our Foundation subjects, here are some suggested activities in line with what we will be doing in school each day.

Monday: Science- theory of Evolution (Charles Darwin)

Here is the link for the final lesson on evolution:

For those of you who have already completed this, we would like you to complete a poster on everything that you have learnt in this unit, make it as detailed and informative as possible! 😊

Tuesday: RE- The holy scriptures of Sikhism

Wednesday: Topic (today and tomorrow ) Eco realism art.

Building on everything that we have learnt this term about climate change, the environment and saving the planet, we would like you to use things in your house to create a large piece of art work (art attack style), sorry parents! So for example you may want to make a tree out of green/brown clothing, food, household items, you may decide to make a pair of lungs that look like the trees (linking to deforestation). You can add as much detail as you would like. You may want to write a message in it or simply create the picture. Then write an explanation of your piece of art and what it shows and then take a picture of your art and send it to your teacher. We can’t wait to see these!

Thursday: PE- fitness session

Today you are going to choose a 20 minute exercise session from this link, they have lots of different themes e.g. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers, Frozen. Choose one and complete it. If you enjoy it and want to complete 2 then go ahead, the more physical activity the better! You may also want to do a shorter one in the mornings to get your brain active!

When you have completed one, I want you to think what you liked about it, the movements that were used and how you could improve it. Then have a go at adding some of your own movements e.g. Harry Potter you may do a movement involving flying or fighting a basilisk. You could then write these down or even film yourself completing them and send them to your teacher.  Enjoy! 

HASTINGS TO PARIS CHALLENGE- don’t forget to keep completing your activity tracker for the HRSGP challenge Hastings to Paris challenge over half term, this is a perfect time for you to get in lots of activity and rack up those miles!

Virtual Sussex Games is back! Complete these weekly challenges to gain points for Silverdale and get us on the leaderboard! Have a go, practice and improve and submit your scores on the website!  Have fun! 😊


Learning Apps

In addition to the lessons and activities prepared by your teachers, all children have unlimited access to a number of learning apps. In Year 6 these apps are:

DoodleMaths & DoodleTables

Edshed (Spelling Shed)

You should have logins for all three of these sites, and you will be used to using them at school. Try to use them daily to help improve your maths and spelling skills. They are all free to use and work on pretty much any online device - including many mobile phones. 

If you have any problems logging on, please either contact your class teacher via the class email address or contact Silverdale tech support at: