Class Teacher: Mrs K Matthews
Teaching Assistant: Carol


Class Teacher: Mrs C Baker
Teaching Assistant: Sarah


Class Teacher: Mrs R Dadgostar
Teaching Assistant: Donna

Latest Reception updates

This week is a talking/speaking challenge...


Can you talk to your family and friends about starting school? How does it make you feel?

Do you have any questions for your visit before you start? Maybe a grown up can write them down ready for our meeting?

When you start school everything feels new and a little bit strange. But at Silverdale all the grown ups will help you feel happy, safe and settled. 

Here is Topsy and Tim starting school...



Maybe start getting ready your 'Special Being Me' bag we gave you at the picnic... You could start putting some items that are special to you in there ready?

Can you have a go at thinking about how you will tell your Teacher and Teaching Assistant about why the items/objects are special?  Have fun chatting and sharing your ideas/thoughts/feelings...

We will look forward to seeing you very soon. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing and sharing lots of stories. Did you have any rhyming ones? Julia Donadlson has written some great stories which rhyme, including the Gruffalo. 

This week we would like you to have fun with numbers and counting. Enjoy these songs and games...

You might Mrs Baker's cat, Wilbur, in this ordering clip...and of course Max!

Here are some extra maths games to play.     

This week the children have been learning about 'The Christmas Story' which has supported their understanding of our Christmas Nativity production of 'The Sleepy Shepherd'.

The children have also begun their phase 3 learning in phonics, so they maybe talking about 'digraphs' - two letters which make one sound, such as 'sh' and 'ch'.

Their maths challenge at home is to go on a 3D shape hunt so we hope you enjoy this together.

Next week we will be reading and exploring 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and they will have a post office in their classes to sort parcels, write letters, cards etc. 

Starting school is a big step but please know we are with you every step of the way… We hope this leaflet gives you some helpful tips and information. Write down any questions you have ready for our home visit.

Download the leaflet here.

General information for all classes


  • Takes place on Tuesdays (removing socks and shoes only).


  • Takes place on Wednesdays (Please remember no jewellery and everything named).


  • Term 4
    • Rabbits on Mondays, Hedgehogs on Fridays
  • Term 5
    • Squirrels on Mondays, Rabbits on Fridays
  • Term 6
    • Hedgehogs on Mondays, Squirrels on Fridays

Forest School

  • During Term 5 and 6 Hedgehogs will be doing Forest Schools.

Book bags

  • Please check book bags regularly for school letters and children’s work. Books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday-as long as the reading record has been filled in to show the book has been read. Book bags should be brought into school everyday.

Home learning

  • We aim to send activities home every Friday for children to do at home with you. The activities will directly link to the current learning. Please bring the Home Learning books back by Wednesday. Thank you.
  • We hope you have fun learning together.