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Curriculum - Intent, implementation & impact statement

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Curriculum intent statement

Our overwhelming desire is that at the end of a seven year association with Silverdale Primary Academy each child should leave with a portfolio of rich and happy memories. Whilst this may appear a little nebulous to include as a curricular aim it is in fact the bedrock of the school’s philosophy and it encompasses everything it seeks to achieve.

At Silverdale Primary Academy the curriculum is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand experiences, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.

Our Learning Ninjas, designed by the children, all help develop skills which the whole academy community agree will prepare the children for their futures.

How will we implement this intent?

What will the impact be?


As Ambitious Ninjas we will set ourselves ambitious targets and work to achieve these.


As Courageous Ninjas we will try something new; something that takes us outside our comfort zone.


As Determined Ninjas we won’t give up until we achieve our goals.


As Dynamic Ninjas we will have a positive attitude and be full of energy and new ideas.


As Inspirational Ninjas we will help our friends; approach work differently and take inspiration from others.


As Resilient Ninjas we will learn from our mistakes and bounce back from these.


These six key learning skills are targeted to enable the children to “become the ultimate….”

Implementation statement

A lifelong love of learning is stimulated through choices of “Quality” texts which underpin the Academy’s curriculum. Enabling children to make links across the curriculum, ask questions and solve their own quandaries enables them to develop life skills which will continue to develop after their time at Silverdale has ended.

The curriculum is underpinned by the University of Brighton Academies Trust's core values of excellence, innovation and integrity.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time in our lives where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

The main conduit for this is through our Silverdale Happiness Ninjas; six key values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success. These are Ambition, Courage, Determination, Resilience, Inspiration and Dynamism.

Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we celebrate local traditions, learning new skills to enable the children to take an active role in events throughout the year.

Children leave the academy with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.

The impact of our curriculum on our learners strives to ensure developing detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and, as result, achieving well and going forward to destinations that meet their interests and aspirations.

Our ambitious curriculum is implemented through successful subject leadership, secure subject knowledge, detailed curriculum planning and is delivered via a progressive model in a non-discriminatory manner.

At Silverdale Primary we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced and builds upon the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children as they progress through our academy, whatever their starting points. The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the pupils in our academy. The aim of our curriculum is for pupils to have the necessary skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is separated into seven areas of development. There are three ‘Prime Areas’ and four ‘Specific Areas’. The Prime areas are fundamental skills and work together to support development in all other areas of development. Children are assessed against Early Learning Goals which builds a profile towards achieving an outcome defined as a good level of development (GLD). At this stage of their development, there is a balance of self-initiated learning which is enhanced by the formalised approaches of Power of Reading (PoW) and The White Rose Maths Scheme. Throughout this period and beyond, all children develop their phonic knowledge through the Letters and Sounds Program which supports their reading progression alongside Daily Supported Reader.

The National Curriculum is delivered using an integrated approach through topic based learning and assessed using Target Tracker statements. These are in line with National Curriculum expectations and are used as a basis to ensure coverage and progression throughout the school. The more able pupils are challenged further in their learning and children who find aspects of their learning more difficult are appropriately supported so that they too are enabled to experience success. Curriculum overviews are mapped out as a whole academy and individual year groups then plan the curriculum delivery for their pupils accordingly.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society are woven through the curriculum. We want excellence for our pupils and their families, our staff, and our academy community. We believe that education transforms lives, which is why our academy has a rich curriculum to ensure that pupils meet their potential and are inspired to continue learning. We work with integrity. We recognise the unique character of our academy and tailor the support we provide to suit the needs of our pupils. We respect all cultures and beliefs, and believe in honesty and openness. Innovation is key. We strive to improve. Our pupils’ experience is enriched by the ambitious and creative curriculum that we deliver.

The English curriculum is delivered through a Power of Reading approach alongside our Writer’s Toolbox system. In addition, children experience lessons on grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. Children undertake daily reading sessions, Daily Supported Readers (DSR) (EYFS/ KS1) and Destination Reader (DR) (KS2). DSR uses a range of reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Rockets. These are organised into book bands to support progression in reading. Children also have access to a library with a rich variety of fiction and non-fiction that they can borrow to support their reading.

The mathematics curriculum is delivered through a framework entitled The White Rose Scheme of Work. We utilise the White Rose planning schedule to develop a teaching for mastery curriculum which enables children to develop their reasoning, investigative and problem solving skills.

External specialists and providers are also used to enhance and enrich delivery of some curriculum areas. Subject leaders are given training opportunities to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the school. Theme weeks, whole academy activities and opportunities within and outside the academy enrich and develop the children’s learning. After school clubs and events extend these opportunities further. Additional whole school programs and approaches support quality first teaching and learning and the academy is well resourced in terms of learning materials, books and technology.

The outdoor environment and the local community are considered an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils. The academy grounds have been extensively developed so they can enrich different curriculum areas. Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through academy organised events. This develops their independence, resilience and motivation as learners and also their sense of responsibility as future citizens.

Impact statement

As children strive to become an Ultimate Learning Ninja our curriculum impact will be as follows;

From this start point we intend that;

  • Children will be academically and physically prepared for life in high school and in Modern Britain and the world.
  • Children will have fully rounded characters with a clear understanding of complex values like equality, friendship, trust and many others.
  • Children approach challenges everyday with rigour and the skills to overcome them
  • Children don’t give up, are highly motivated to succeed and achieve and are equipped with all the personal skills to do this.
  • Children make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community.
  • Children are resilient to the influence of others.
  • Children will go out into the world and make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.